Apply for a FREE (Comar SLR-300N Network AIS Receiver) AIS receiving station from
Looking for AIS hosts in Alaska ports (Juneau,Skagway, Kodiak and other ports)

New Unfiltered Flight Tracking Site. a co-op of ADS-B/Mode S/MLAT feeders from around the world.
Unlike other sites, if the data is broadcast over the air, you can find it here. There are no FAA BARR Blocked List, Military or other “filters”.
Start tracking Private and Interesting Business Aircraft and Military Flights.
How to feed (Raspberry Pi,etc):
Take a deck-by-deck Virtual Tour of Tauck's Riverboat ms Inspire via Google 360's "Trekker" camera.

"Street Views" of the Danube
Tauck and Google 360 have teamed up to provide 360° panoramic "street views"of the Danube River taken by Google 360’s "Trekker" camera, mounted on the forward deck of Tauck’s riverboat ms Treasures. Click below to check them out.

MEIN SCHIFF 5 - The maiden voyage/naming ceremony is on July, 2016 (Added to AIS Cruise map)

Harmony of the Seas - AIS Tracking - Sailed out of the STX France shipyard May,2016.

Holland America Line Releases Name for Next Pinnacle-Class Cruise Ship
- Nieuw Statendam (Fall,2018)
- Statendam

About AIS

Tracking Ships and Boats using AIS receivers:

Effective March 2nd, 2015, certain commercially self-propelled vessels must have a properly installed, operational Automatic Identification System (AIS) no later than March 1st, 2016. The following vessels are required to install and use a Class A or  Class B AIS transponder:


  Comar Systems - Website.
AIS-2-NMEA , AIS-2-USB , AIS-2-2000 , AIS-Multi , ASR 100 , SLR 200/SLR 200G , SLR 200N/SLR 200NG
(A complete range of 2-parallel channel AIS receivers and transponders from one manufacturer.)

Comar Systems & Others AIS products from

Comar SLR 200N Network AlS Receiver        Comar AIS-2-USB AIS Receiver
(Built in Computer).                                             ( Quick and easy setup. )

SiiTech: Leader in AIS, Charts, Maps, and Web Integration
AIS receiver Comparison Chart and Prices - with photos.

18 AIS units Tested & Reviewed (PDF File).

 Two AIS antenna available.
1.) Marine AIS (Automatic Identification System) Outdoor Vertical Model Antenna
2.) Marine AIS (Automatic Identification System) LP Antenna

161.9750 - Automatic Identification System (AIS)
162.0250 - Automatic Identification System (AIS)
Class A AIS products are for ships over 300 tonnes or which are SOLAS vessels. (Transmit at 12Watts)
Class B AIS products are for non-SOLAS vessels. (Transmit at 2Watts)
There are 26 different types of messages capable of being sent by an AIS transponder.
Shipboard AIS transponders have a horizontal range that is highly variable but typically only about 74 kilometers (46 mi).

ShipPlotter displays complete information about ships that are
within VHF range of your position & sharing network using the
Universal Automatic Identification System (AIS). Software can be used with most Comar Systems, Smart Radio, AirNav ShipTrax Advanced AIS Ship Tracker, Kinetic AIS-1eR, MarineGadget AIS, AIS Receivers.

DigitalYacht - AISnet base station AIS receiver.
AISnet has a USB port in addition to Ethernet. 
AISnet is a new AIS receiver for use as an AIS base station at home or in the office. 
Utilising the same high performance dual channel AIS receiver as the rest of the Digital Yacht range, 
AISnet also features an ethernet socket so that you can connect it to your broadband router and send AIS data to an on-line AIS tracking service.

AIS Forums: - Forum - The Marine Electronics Weblog. Story - Satellite-Based AIS System Provides Continuous Tracking at Sea.

Live Tracking online at , , ,  , - Cruise Ship Satellite AIS Tracking.

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