Apply for a FREE (Comar SLR-350N Network AIS Receiver) AIS receiving station from
Looking for AIS hosts in Alaska ports (Juneau,Skagway, Kodiak and other ports)

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The Free FlightAware FlightFeeder Receiver Box

If you want to share Mode-S/ADS-B data from your location to all the aircraft tracking sites.
Check out the FlightAware FlightFeeder Box.

FlightFeeder is a network ADS-B receiver. It receives ADS-B data directly from airplane transponders via a small antenna. FlightFeeder then makes the real-time data available on the local network to users and also sends it to FlightAware over the Internet. FlightFeeder only requires an external antenna (included), Internet connection over Ethernet, and power (via a USB cable into a wall adapter).

FlightFeeder is compatible with virtually all existing ADS-B software packages like PlanePlotter and BaseStation. Users can connect to their FlightFeeder over their LAN to receive all data. Users can also choose to view flight data on the web site.

* Can I share data from FlightFeeder with other sites?
Sure! FlightAware encourages the sharing of all available ADS-B data for maximum collaboration and sharing within the community.

Live Aircraft Flight Tracking Sites Maps
PlaneFinder offers Free ADS-B Receiver Box - See page for details:
FlightRadar24 does information data blocking on non-commercial aircraft on their website,
Please use or RadarBox24 to get Aircraft Details (Tail Numbers,Mode-S Codes and other information).  The aircraft will show 'BLOCKED" or "Aircraft Type" in the 'Flight ID' field on FR24. - San Diego (KSAN) Map Area